As experienced childhood experts, we carefully design programs that meet the specific needs of each age group.
What we do is as important as how we do it!

Whether your camper is in Junior Camp, Main Camp, or Senior Camp, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to!

Junior Camp

Entering Pre-K and Kindergarten

At Harbor Hills, we realize that the needs of our youngest campers are very different from our other campers. That’s why we have fields, courts, pools, tables, chairs, and even go-karts that are appropriately sized. We know that success builds confidence, and confidence leads to enjoyment.

Our Junior Camp program is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of our youngest campers.

We never use a cookie-cutter approach (unless we’re at Cooking)! With staff to camper ratios that are second to none, we ensure an incredible and valuable experience for every child.

Main Camp

entering grades 1-4

Harbor Hills offers campers a wide range of impactful experiences that are designed to encourage a love of all sorts of activities.

From sports and swim to creative arts and outdoor adventure, we have something for everyone!

As campers grow from their experiences, they begin to develop preferences. Harbor Hills recognizes their individuality which is why we offer choice periods beginning in 1st grade. As the campers progress in age, more choice periods are added to their day.

Senior Camp

Entering Grades 5-8

By the time campers are Seniors at Harbor Hills, they are ready to dive deeper into their favorite activities. Our Senior Camp program is specifically designed to let them do just that. From daily Options to week-long Electives, our Senior campers are free to explore their interests and make choices about their own schedules. Campers can spend more time doing the activities they enjoy the most!

With so many activities to choose from, they’re able to design a schedule that is as unique as they are!