Junior Camp

Junior Camp at Harbor Hills is an ideal place for young campers to begin their journey in camping. Our youngest campers thrive as they are nurtured in a safe and age-appropriate environment. The softball field, go-cart track, swimming pool, basketball courts, hockey rink and walled soccer field are designed with their age, size and success in mind!


Junior Camp is unique - unlike any other place in camping!


An amazing staff to camper ratio ensures care, attention and guidance for each camper. Socialization, fun, learning new skills, building self-confidence and making new  discoveries happen every day. It is a place where campers explore all they can do! While having non-stop fun our youngest campers build skills and also learn the joy and value of friendship! We know the importance of paying attention to details whether it is the right food at lunch or extra attention to your transportation needs. Taken all together, our camp is beyond compare. We are dedicated to working collaboratively with you so the best possible summer is created for your child.



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