Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical day like at Harbor Hills?

A typical day begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 4:00 PM. Staff members arrive before 8:30 AM and leave after the campers at 4:00 PM. The schedule of activities runs from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM and usually includes instructional and free swims, two sports, a creative art, a performing art, creative play and an outdoor adventure. Campers in second through sixth grades can personalize their schedule by choosing any activity they want during their focus and elective times.


What age group will I work with?

The age group you work with is influenced by your input and preference but determined by the positions we have available, the group or area we think you are best suited for or the Division Leader we believe you would work well with. While we want you to be with an age group that you would like to work with, sometimes the group we place you with, although it is not your preference, turns out to be a great experience for you.


What is the structure of camp?

The camp is comprised of Divisions. Each grade level, from first through sixth grade, is a Division and there are separate girls and boys groups within each Division. For example, there is a Division of first grade girls and a Division of first grade boys. The Nursery School Division is the only age group that has co-ed groups. In addition, electives for third grade and above are frequently co-ed. Two to three counselors are assigned to every group in a Division. They travel with their group everywhere and assist the specialists who run each activity. Each Division has a "Division Leader", a certified teacher, who oversees all the groups in the Division, helps counselors do their job well and ensures campers a great summer. The Division Leader is the point person and has direct contact with parents.


What about salary?

Each staff member receives a salary based on their position and years of experience at Harbor Hills. Our salaries are highly competitive inside and outside of the camping industry. There are additional ways of earning extra money such as driving a bus (must be 21), being a bus counselor, or recommending someone to work here.


What do I wear?

Your personal appearance is important. Keep in mind that the campers in your care will be imitating your every move. We will provide you with five staff T-shirts to be worn each day of camp. Sneakers are required at camp for all staff. The only time sandals can be worn is while walking back and forth to the pool. All counselors must wear a bathing suit while at the pool. We recommend athletic or casual shorts. Piercings, other than the ear, are not permitted in camp.


What do campers do at camp?

What don’t they get to do?! We offer our campers a tremendous variety of activities ranging from swim, all sports, rock climbing, zip lines, archery and go- carts to theater, science, arts and crafts and golf. We aim for a seamless flow and mix of traditional and new camping activities. Campers are able to shine and experience success at all of our programs. Fields, courts, pools, rinks, rock walls and activities are specially designed to fit campers’ age, size, strength, ability level and interests.


What are electives and what is my role during this time?

Our elective program allows campers in third to sixth grade an opportunity to customize their day. Campers can select two activities, one in the morning and another in the afternoon, to be included in their daily schedule. An elective period is co-ed by grade and campers meet in their elective group for an hour every day. The specialist’s role is to plan projects or activities and campers can choose a new, or the same, set of electives for each rotation cycle. Having the same campers for a sustained period of time allows for a more in-depth involvement with the activity. Counselors have the opportunity to choose the activity they wish to assist.


How much work is it?

To reach our goal of providing our campers with a safe, happy, healthy and fun-filled summer, it takes a dedicated staff willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.  Counselors are responsible for the daily needs of the group. This includes getting to know each camper, helping campers make friends, actively participating in all activities and working well with your co-workers. The specialist’s role is to run their activity area with such creativity and enthusiasm that campers cannot wait to return.


Why work at Harbor Hills?

The best way to answer this question is for you to visit Harbor Hills and interview with us. This will give us a chance to find out more about you and you will get a chance to see the camp’s grounds, ask questions and learn about us. The benefits of working at camp are many.  It is a great way to gain valuable field experience for your resume, to practice the people and team skills all employers are looking for, or to spend a summer in a place that is filled with positive energy, laughter, action, fun and has a community feel. Our staff leadership team is made up of educators and administrators who can offer career tips, references, or open doors to opportunities. You can also gain first-hand experience by working with a specific age group. Camp is a common connection for many people. The person interviewing you either went to camp, worked at camp or sends their children to camp. Where else could you work where playing and making yourself look silly are not only encouraged, but are required parts of the job? Where else could you work where a job well done means giving a child the greatest summer of their life?


What are the dates of camp?

This year camp starts on Monday, June 28th and ends on Friday, August 20th, 2021. Camp will be closed on Monday, July 5th. There are some pre-season training dates all staff must attend. Make sure you can commit to working the full camp season and to attending all the training dates before applying.

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