Teen Apprentice Program (TAP)

At Harbor Hills, we are proud to announce the return of our Teen Apprentice Program for tenth grade campers! In camping, we know the teen years are a prime time for personal development. It is a time of transition. Tenth grade campers no longer see themselves as campers, and they are not quite ready to be staff. They want to be challenged, to make a difference, and they still want to have fun. At Harbor Hills, Teen Apprentices (TAPS) can have the best of all worlds!


For much of the day, TAPS will apprentice themselves to outstanding and talented Program Specialists in Arts and Crafts, Cooking, Go-Carts, Sports, Dance and Wonderworks. They become a part of the great team that leads activities and helps campers build skills. For the remainder of the camp day, TAPS function as their own cohesive group. They are mentored by our Administrative Staff at daily debriefing meetings, have lunch, participate in activities together, and enjoy the Special Events at Harbor Hills.


Those young people who would like to participate in this outstanding and exemplary program are asked to make a full commitment for the summer (39 days). They should come prepared to have fun, acquire and develop new skills, make friends, expand their creativity, and sharpen problem-solving abilities. In short, they will work hard, learn about teamwork, and have the satisfaction of knowing they made a difference!

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