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A message from the Director

I have spent my entire professional career working with children and helping them grow. I worked in education as a teacher and principal for 17 years.  Helping children explore and experience the joy of discovery gave me such satisfaction.  However, over time I began to realize that education was placing an emphasis on test scores leaving little time in an educator’s day to allow students to explore and discover.  I came to realize that camp was a better place for me to achieve my dreams for children. 


In 2006, I began working at Ramapo Country Day Camp, the preeminent day camp in the Northeast. There I saw everything that is missing in education today. I saw kids using their imaginations to build and create. I saw interpersonal and life skills being developed through positive interactions. I saw risk taking in a safe and positive environment. There were no grades, no tests, no pressure. What I saw were kids that were free to be just that, kids. They were engaged in activities that allowed them to grow without stress. I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of that growth. When I was offered the opportunity to come aboard as part of the year-round staff, I left school behind and graduated to camp.

Then life brought me another opportunity - Harbor Hills Day Camp! I now get to bring that same passion, camp experience, and understanding of child development to my own team of dedicated and seasoned professionals. Together, we make Harbor Hills Day Camp the best place for children!





Campers from ages 3-17 participate in a purposefully-designed program of dynamic and exciting activities, guided by an extraordinary Leadership Team and a well-trained, dedicated staff.


We build success into each camper’s experience!  With a cutting-edge facility, second to none, campers develop their skills across a wide variety of venues – Aquatics, Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Sports, and Outdoor Adventure.


As seasoned camp professionals, we know there is nothing like a great summer experience to inspire children all year long and we are dedicated to providing great camping experiences.


At the end of the season when we hear campers say, "It was the best summer ever!" or "I can’t wait to come back next year!", we know that Harbor Hills has given them a sense of fun, friendship and confidence as well as a set of skills that will never be forgotten.



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